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About Us

Our Heritage

Our Agency stems from a background of experienced agents that have a long history of insurance in West Texas. Owner Steve Haralson, Texas Tech Alumnus and former bond underwriter for Trinity Universal in Dallas, has worked for over 25 years in the business. In 1990, Steve joined the family insurance agency in Seminole, Moore-Haralson Agency. Their agency was originally founded by F.E. Shell in Gaines County in the early 1900's. After Mr. Shell's death the agency was sold to W.A. Cox in 1913. Mr Cox owned and operated the agency by himself until 1946 when he sold half of the company to Mr. Ross Moore. The name of the agency then changed to Cox & Moore Insurance Agency. Mr. Moore ran the agency under the name Moore Insurance Agency by himself until 1970 when Carroll Haralson, Steve's father, joined Mr. Moore. Carroll had recently purchased the Hearne Insurance Agency in Seminole. Carroll and Ross combined the two agencies to form what is now known as Moore-Haralson Agency. Steve helped run Moore-Haralson for many years until he branched off and opened another office at a new location in Brownfield, Texas with son Travis Haralson, Lubbock Christian University alumni. Together, they operate the new business writing insurance in West Texas at Brownfield Insurance Agency.

In The Community

The owners of Brownfield Insurance Agency are also heavily involved in the renovation of the local city’s downtown and developing the area in Brownfield. 

The original establishment pictured in 1939 (left) and 1955 (right) in Seminole, Texas. 

Steve Haralson (left) with son, Travis Haralson (right).

Meet the Brains


Rhonda Krahn - Agent

McKenzie Gibson - Customer Service

Mary Haralson - Customer Service

Marlee Haralson, IT Specialist & Marketing

Steve Haralson

Senior Agent / Manager

30+ years of insurance experience

in both business and personal

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